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Day 163 of COVID -19

Day 163, can that be true? How has the time gone by so quickly? August is here! Ethan is doing very well. He definitely loves the constant attention his nurses give him. Someone to cater to your every need, who wouldn't love that? It's been great to see them get to know him. This was a big concern for me, often questioning whether they would understand what each of his cries meant. If he was having a bad day and cried for hours on end, would they be calm and adjust the routine to fit his needs that day. Every day is different, but thankfully they have all taken the time to listen to Ethan and things couldn't be better.

He enjoys his long walks in the Florida sunshine and then its bath time, followed by lunch. Ella sneaks in a kiss and a squeeze every now and then. Some days she requested that we let the nurse go home early because she wants him all to herself. Her adjustment to this whole change has been astonishing. Our Ella is beyond gracious and the love she has for Ethan is unconditional.

We had a few telehealth calls with Ethan’s specialists that have all requested bloodwork and imaging. I have yet been able to muster up the courage to take him. When is the right time? I go back and forth on scheduling early morning appointments so we are the first to arrive, maybe things will be cleaner. Somehow, I convince myself not to take him. I know this is something the doctors need so hopefully I will be brave enough to leave my house.

On a happier note, Ella and I were able to spend some much needed time with family. My mother and sister, along with my three amazing nieces, had a nice weekend at my brother's place in central Florida. I drove up with my sister, two and a half hours of pure fun! We've always loved a good road trip. My mother drove up with her four granddaughters, I am pretty sure the majority of that car ride was them making fun of the music she listens to but great memories either way. We laughed, some cried, and we definitely ate our weight in ice cream. This trip allowed me to recharge and relax a bit. Thankful for Holden as he held down the fort and cared for Ethan while we were gone. We are excited about all the things to come as this year's end approaches. My family has been so touched and want to personally thank each and every one of you for helping strEngTHAN grow.

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Meli, Holden, Ella & Ethan. We love you all so much and pray for you every day. Thank you for your candid heart so that we know how to pray specifically. You know our Mighty God understands and knows each of our worries/fears. Laying them down at His feet. Love you so much. Xoxoxo

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